Friday, 6 September 2013

Garden III

(Note the new cauldron filled with water on the deck---it's going to have a waterlily in it)

(Looking through panicum at melianthus major and euphorbia mellifera, the honey-spurge)

The garden has a new resident: an emerald-striped dragonfly the size of a small bird, which zooms up and down the paths at waist height with a crepe-y rustling. It's a fearsome beastie---gwas y neidr in Welsh, 'the serpent's servant'---and I wish it would chase away the urban foxes who keep digging everything up if they so much as scent fish, blood and bone meal. We had foxes in my area a mile away six years ago and I gardened in exactly the same way and never had this problem. I planted a campsis the other day which they have torn to pieces in the act of digging up the planting hole. You live and learn.

In other news, what a year it's been for cabbage whites, who have been dancing their tumbling mating gyres in pairs and triplets through the garden. They have found the horseradish leaves particularly toothsome, and I can't resent their caterpillars' placid, remorseless chomping:

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