Monday, 29 July 2013


OK, OK, I've not blogged for ages. Here's what's been happening: in January totally unexpectedly I was given the chance to move into a lovely terraced house with a garden, about 20 minutes' walk away from my current place in central Oxford. The house belongs to my lovely godsister Zoe (my father is her godfather, her mother is my godmother), and for the last three months my friend Ben and I have been doing a massive renovation/redecoration project. And, readers, it's beautiful. Really beautiful. It's just coming to a conclusion---the point at which I actually move in---and when it's all clean and shiny I will do a long post talking you through the revamping process. It's nearly killed both of us: Ben has a corneal abrasion and I have torn the meniscus in my left knee. But here's a taster, showing you views of the kitchen and front room facing onto the street.


...and after:

OK, OK, I know it's crashingly middle class....but if Porterhouse taught me anything, it's the fact that few things are not improved by sticking a chandelier in.

Here is the kitchen as it once was, with Ben and Zoe:

and as it now is:

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