Monday, 25 June 2012


I asked the Unconscious for a dream the other day to illuminate a particular emotional problem, and promptly got back two unknown Canterbury Tales. The first---The Tale of the Tailour---was a beast-story along the lines of Androcles and the Lion. The second, The Prologue and Tale of the Clerkesse, was about my dear friend Melanie, and I can just remember some of it:

Hire shoon in sooth were redde and blakke,
And in hire scarlet ledyr sacke 
She carried Tully and eke Jherome;
And yet she wold nat goon to Rome,
But ysettled was in Chirche of Engelond,
For there had she gret joie yfond;
But for al that verray mirth and blyss
Housbonde hadde she noon, ywis...

So...that was helpful. Perhaps more will emerge.

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