Thursday, 21 April 2011

Blogs I actually read---and envy

The blog list down the side has needed updating for an age. But here is a little rundown of the writers whose words I hang on every day: the criteria include the excellence of the writing and the 'liveness' of the blog (I know I've been bad about updating regularly this year, but I've paid for it by haemorrhaging readers all over the place); extra points for glossy visual style too.

Black Nyx

Wholly fabulous audiovisual spectacle: moody urban chic meets elusive occulture.

Lathophobic Aphasia

Magnificently dyspeptic wit and rhetoric from Vilges Suola: giving people a piece of one's mind elevated to the status of high art, with an effect oddly like Victoria Wood interviewing Gore Vidal.

Heresy Corner

Always outstanding current affairs blog, with stratospherically good writing. Worth it especially for this affectionate skewering (if such a thing is possible) of Guardianista Laurie Penny's fathomless self-involvement.

Voice in the Wilderness

Compelling, austerely beautiful writing on the contemplative life and the Work of Silence by my friend, the extraordinary Anglican solitary Maggie Ross.

A Don's Life

Prof. Mary Beard of Newnham College, Cambridge on UK academia, politics, and the ancient world. Profound learning put across utterly unpretentiously and with tremendous wit.

Nico Muhly

Frighteningly good, hyperkinetically hip writing from the dismayingly brilliant, handsome and successful composer. Who's, like, younger than me.


Knottily precise, learned book reviews with obiter dicta and assorted thoughtful gadelica, of simply astounding, humbling quality, and impossible quantity.


Language-creation, confessional Celtica, and spluttering rage from the ever-witty Deiniol.


Fionnchú said...

As for "Cantos" (and another blog I frequent nearby)? "Oxbridge Celtica & Esoterica, wittily observed erudition, mordantly biting observation, both seasoned with wisdom, compassion, and wonder. I always learn and often laugh every time I visit."

Bo said...

Thanks for the kind words!

Emera said...

Confession from a lurking reader: I almost enjoy it that your blog's so irregularly updated - it makes it extra-specially pleasurable when I come back after some interval and find that you *have* updated, especially since to me your blog posts seem gemlike in their oddity and intensity of language. (so, it's like coming back and finding another gem in an tantalizingly irregularly spaced trail...)

Very much enjoying Maggie Ross' blog right now; thank you for the link. And the new banner image is incredible.

Bo said...

Oh good!! Emera if you want to leave a google account email (I won't publish it) I'll invite you to read my private (and much more frequently updated) blog.

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