Saturday, 22 August 2009

Some pictures

Some pictures of life chez Bo.

These two are images of the work-in-progress 'Gnostic ikon' I proposed here--it's about half done, as you can see. (Follow the link for an explanation of its symbolism.)

This is my office--my students sit on the sofa, complete, as you can see, with medieval hunting-scene cushions. The greenish cupboard came from a garage in Delhi. (Necessary plug: if you are a sixth-former, and thinking of applying to Oxbridge for an arts subject, you will probably get taught in intensive hour-long sessions in a room much like this--books everywhere, a sofa, that kind of thing---either by yourself or with one other student. If you're thinking about where to apply, Oxford and Cambridge would welcome your application, especially if you are currently at a school which has little or no past history of sending pupils to Oxbridge. Plug over.)

This is a bit of my living room:

And here's an Russian-style ikon of the Mother of God I did a few years ago and am yet to finish....

and my lovely mid 17th-century oak chest....

and finally here's an ikon of St Brigit which I painted in one day when I was an undergraduate:

1 comment:

Jane Holland said...

Your place looks lovely. Can't wait to visit; typical of me that I haven't yet organised myself to do just that.

I seem to have done almost nothing but read and write poems this summer. What a lazy thing I am. All my plans of finishing a novel reduced to rubble.

I was wondering if Peter could come up at the same time. He thinks it might be possible. Perhaps a joint email would be a good idea?

Sorry I haven't been about much recently. See above for poetry-related excuses!


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