Saturday, 1 August 2009

Po-Mo Medea

Mother kills and eats own baby, stabs self through throat

To paraphrase a line of V. S. Pritchett's about Dickens: 'Never forget---Seneca was a highly realistic dramatist.'

* * *

Talking of goatsongs, I loved this modern Medea by Bernard Safran:

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Fionnchú said...

That Safran portrait reminds me of what I'd imagine Mormon art to look like. Inspired "LDS realism," although probably more than two kids would be "real," opposed to Medea's nuclear family of only 4.

By the by, I once taught "Medea" with a similar pairing toa clipping from a real-life local case; I got a student to tape the stark-- very 5th century (CE not BCE) fen and thatch setting-- adaptation by Lars von Trier, but my volunteer forgot to tap into the sound, so it was silent! My students had little patience for ascetic Dogma 95 even with subtitles.

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