Sunday, 28 June 2009

Susheela Raman

'What Silence Said'--the wonderfully talented Susheela Raman's song about--I presume--an ex-lover who took his (or her) own life.

What Silence Said

Paris cafe,
our last rendez-vous
rain swept backwards,
cooped in windows...

Our shrunken heads
reading signs and lips
one last dance
--broken steps--
before your eclipse...

Was there thunder in your ears?
Mine were full of sand
not hearing
what your silence said...

If I turn around,
your mouth open, no sound
your eyes screaming--
retreating into

A day too late
your news found me
at home.
Mind bubbling up,
angry water
refusing stone.

Then in revenge
I felt life
surge in my veins,
a hunger
you would
never taste again...

Did you lose your faith in love,
did you lose your faith in human feeling?
Did you lose you trust in truth,
did your heart have no route to healing,

like I lost you?

You left your lovers
close behind
but twisted it up
in time

you crossed the line
it's all we have
they're still entwined

just the emptiness you carved
your spine a lonely blade
in space the end, a dancer...

beautiful face
begins to fade

thank you
for being my friend

beautiful face
begins to fade...


Anonymous said...

"backwards-scripted windows"

"heart find no way to healing"

"twisted up in time"
"its all we have, this thin twine"

lovely song i agree!

Bo said...

Bless you for that! I shall let my--in retrospect amusing--mishearings stand. Thanks for putting me straight.

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