Tuesday, 19 May 2009

Massive Attack, Teardrop

Genius. I love the weird sizzle and crackle of the background (like a teardrop on the fire), over the stately harpsichord-like frame of the song, with its deep bass heartbeat thuds and Liz Frazer's opalescent vocals drifting over it all like the wide-eyed little amnionaut of the video.

In fact I've been mishearing the lyrics since the song came out when I was 15: ethereally lovely as Liz Frazer's voice is, she'd never win a competition in enunciation. Had I been asked to speculate, I'd have thought the words went:

Love, love is a fur,
love leads me duneward,
earless, somehow, pray...

Gentle emotion
shakes, makes
me wider,
fearless surround,

teardrop on the fire,
fearless sum'house...pray...

light, night of the day
black flowers blossom
fearless sunbrowned clay...
beg the flowers' blossom,
fearless, somehow grey...

teardrop on the fire
fearless somehow...

water is my eye
most faithful mirror
fearless sunbrow, pray...

teardrop on the fire
of a confession
fearless sunplough, pray

most faithful mirror,
fearless sunrise, pray

teardrop on the fire
praise sundown, pray

Use totally inter-er-ful!

Actual lyrics here.


Jane Holland said...

Not a bad stab at those lyrics. Emotion always makes me wider, at any rate.

Jx :)

Charlie Butler said...

I always heard "Shakespeare makes me wider". Also true.

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