Sunday, 1 March 2009

Morgan Llwyd

I'm working on the 17th century Puritan, mystic, bilingual poet and proto-nonconformist Morgan Llwyd at the moment. He has a quite startling way with words. Take this passage:

Dost thou not see how the Bats and the Blindguides set forth Heaven as a place they know not themselves, where above or about the orbe of this world it is, nor who, nor what, is there? They may sooner make shoes for the whirlwind, and provide a bed-chamber in some outward house for the winds of the heavens, than find a locality for the mind and soul of the departed.

Echoes of Job. I also loved this stanza:

Saile on a brittle sea of glasse
Singe in a furne of fire
In flame wee leap for joy & find
a cave a singing quire.


timeheldinsepia said...

Hello! I can across your blog while looking for in formation on Morgan Llwyd. Is there a translation of his works in English that you would recommend?

Bo said...

Hi there---sadly no, not really. Some of his works are in English anyway, but a substantial proportion are in welsh and unstranslated. You might want to try the little book on him in the 'Writers of Wales' series.

timeheldinsepia said...

Ah, I was afraid of that. 'Writers of Wales' it is, then!


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